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        Contact: Zhong Jinfu
        24 hours mobile
         phone: 131-6083-4288
        Tel: 020-61149209
        About Us
        Guangzhou Jingmen Door Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales, installation, service as one of professional fire shutter doors, electric gate, wind shutter doors, crystal rolling gates, gate, stainless steel valve gate, Australia mute shutter doors, European gate, rolling gate, garage door, explosion proof industrial sliding door, Aluminum Alloy gate, Aluminum Alloy shutter doors and windows, stainless steel electric doors, fast shutter doors, comprehensive and professional organizations. Over the years, Jingmen industry has focused on technological innovation, and the introduction of advanced technology, through continuous improvement and progress, consistent from beginning to end to provide high quality products and service for customers.
        Solid wood garage door technical parameters are as follows:
        Solid wood garage door balance system:
        (1) balancer using torsion spring balance system.
        (2) the balance system casing pipe is made of galvanized steel pipe.
        (3) the torsion spring material adds 65 manganese, increases the anti fatigue degree, prolongs the service life of 2-3 times.